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What is new in hair transplant?


hair growth shampoosIf you are experiencing hair problems and you are likely to have applied other methods to stop hair loss or regrow your lost hair before you had to use look for PRP treatments or hair transplant. Among these methods, there are hair growth shampoos and serums that first come to mind. There are a large number of them in the market, including one or two very popular ones.

Active Ingredients of Hair Growth Shampoos

Generally, the substance that gives the product its name can be taken by natural means. This substance exists only in the liver, which is of animal origin. It would be more sensible to take this substance into our bodies in natural ways. However, these shampoos and serums, stay only on the top of your hair.

The scalp skin absolutely does not absorb any. Some of our readers told us that it is being absorbed through the hair follicles and goes into the body. But we have to say that vitamins and minerals taken only from the roots are not enough for the hair to be strong and not to fall. Also, if these materials were to be absorbed by the scalp or by the hair root, no specialist in the medical literature would want to treat their patients with mesotherapy or PRP needles.

Why Shampoos and Serums Are Not Effective?

As mentioned above, the sustenance that your hair gets from its’ roots are not enough. Because healthy hair can grow on healthy skin. You need to directly inject the sustenance needed by the veins and tissues that feed your hair roots for the health of your skin and hair. If these shampoos or serums were effective, you should at least hear one of the people answer to “there is x shampoo or x serum for that” sentence with “I’m using it, it works.”. However, such a thing is not possible.
On the contrary, when you apply this type of hair products continuously, additional substances that are also in those products will damage your hair and skin that you already have problems with.

As a result;
Leaving the money you spent on this aside, do not try to keep your hair healthy with this unnatural ways. You can choose treatment methods such as the PRP method which is formed from your own blood. Hair mesotherapy which is applied directly under the skin where it is deeply needed. Of course, you should have blood tests done before you decide to do. You should consult your specialist about them.

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