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Eyebrow Transplants with Fue

Eyebrow transplant is a type that is done on injured, genetically empty or thin, or the area that got damaged while plucking. FUE method is used in eyebrow implanting. The eyebrow planting requires “professionalism” at a high level because the eyebrows are the main factor of shaping the character of the face.

Nowadays, as the thick eyebrows style is coming back, most people who have thin eyebrows or a rare eyebrow structure choose temporary solutions such as eyebrow contours or permanent makeup which damage the skin and is widely costly because it has to be done every year or two.

During Eyebrow Transplant

An experienced eyebrow transplanting specialist first determines the eyebrow shape, according to the density and to the volume of the hair, adjusts the gap between the two eyebrows and its length. Contrary to permanent, temporary tattooing, eyebrow dyeing and other methods, the hair roots are transplanted one by one to create a natural appearance. The eyebrows transplanted are indistinguishable from the existing eyebrows because the FUE technique is being used.

The procedure is performed with local anaesthesia. The hair follicles collected from the posterior ear region are transplanted individually into the planting region. The reason why the hair roots are gathered behind the ears is that the hairs on this area are the most suitable hairs for eyebrow construction.

Natural Look in Eyebrow Transplant

The hair from the back region of the ears and the eyebrows at the planting site has different growing angles. As the hair grows at a wide angle of 45 degrees, eyebrows grow at an acute angle of 20 degrees. What should be noted here is; to plant the harvested hair in accordance with the fascia of the eyebrows. Also, since the eyebrow structure starts from a straight line and is curved toward the sides, not all of the strings can be placed at the same angle, the correct angle should be followed. Therefore, if the specialist pays attention to these while opening the ducts during the planting process, you will definitely get a result that is indistinguishable from your own eyebrows.

Eyebrow operations are completed with only 3 – 5  hours of careful work. As it is a mild operation, you can continue your daily life within 2 days. There will be no wounds nor scars, and the blood clots clears off after 7 – 10 days.

After Eyebrow Transplant

The eyebrows begin to grow in about 3 months after they are planted and continue to grow for at least 7 to 8 months and they complete their growth period and become healthy normal eyebrows within a year. At first, since the growth rates of the hair and eyebrows are different from each other, implanted parts may grow longer. However, these eyebrows can be rectified in every 15 days to restore their normal condition. Assuming that the ladies correct their eyebrows in every 20 or so days, it should not be a major problem. After a while, the planted eyebrows will adjust to the area and start to behave the same with rest of the eyebrows. The fast-growing will slow down within the first year and will return to normal rate with the completion of the second year.

Eyebrow transplant with FUE; like other solutions cannot be repeated. It is a permanent method. The possibility of loss is the same as your natural eyebrows. For this reason, as natural eyebrows thining with the process of plucking, planted ones will act the same.


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