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treatment processWe use the last method ever used for hair transplant (FUE method), minimal pain no leaving scars, professional work and long experience, 18 years. (The transplanted hair guaranteed for life).

The surgery starts with a haircut and the extraction of the hair follicles from your donor area and completes with the insertion of the hair follicles into your scalp on the needed areas. Hair follicles are extracted from the donor area homogeneously so the donor site will not be noticeable after the surgery. Individual follicles are extracted under local anaesthesia by a microblade using tiny punches of between 0.6mm and 0,7mm in diameter. There are no incisions, but small punches by the microblade so there won’t be any scarring, pain is minimized and the recovery time is fairly short (less than a week). Above 95% of the transplanted hair will grow and results are permanent because transplanted hair is not subject to the effects of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the hormone causing hair. The skills demonstrated by the trichologists are key to the success of the procedure, especially while extracting the follicles without damaging the hair and planting the hair with the right density and at the right angle to the surface of your scalp to achieve a natural look.

Post-operation expectations

Day 2; The patient’s hair should be washed gently by our specialists, partial pain and numbness may be felt (The washing process should be processed every day by the patient from 7 to 10 days).

Day 3 to 4; Mild redness. Swelling on the forehead, around the eyes and on the upper cheek can be seen, laying down on the back and application of ice on the areas will help cooling it down. The swelling does not have whatsoever any health effect, it is only visual looks. The pain is completely gone. The feeling of numbness may continue.

Day 7 to 10; The grafts are now fully inserted into the scalp and the scabs are cleared. Hair can now be gently shampooed with normal shampoo.

Week 2 to 4; The hair will be starting to fall gradually.

Month 1 to 3; Some pimples may appear, due to the hair preparing itself to grow. The feeling of numbness or burning in the donor area may continue.

Month 3; The hair will start to grow.

Month 6 to 9; The growth of the transplanted hair is more noticeable.

Month 12; Full result of hair growth on the front area of the head.

Month 18; Full result of hair growth of the crown area of the head.

Month 12 to 24; Touch up session can be done to give more density if needed.


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