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The most simple answer to the question is simply the ones who have hair problems. However, you also need to fit into some criteria to get the operation. Among these, most important ones are; age, diabetes, healthy area to be planted and enough donor area to harvest. Apart from these, it is also important to know why you experience hair problems.

Let’s examine the answers of the questions “Who Can Have Hair Transplant” or “Who Should Prefer Hair Planting”. At this point, we can understand who can have the operation with the most advanced technique of hair transplantation, FUE method.

Who Can Have Hair Transplant With FUE Technique?

The main advantage of the FUE technique is that it leaves no scars due to stitching after the procedure. Therefore;

  • Even the patients who use their hair quite short prefer this method, since there is no visible scar left after the procedure. In case the patient shaves the hair, quite small spots may be vaguely noticeable. This is related to the direction of hair growth after the process. In patients who preferred the FUE technique, no trace is left after the healing process.
  • The FUE method is preferred with younger patients since there is less space and their future hair loss cannot be determined.
  • In patients who previously used FUT method, the second transplant session can be done with FUE method since the skin is sensitive. Thus, new hair roots can be reached without damaging the previous ones.
  • The FUE method can be applied to close the stitched area harvested with the FUT technique.
  • Male hair loss (Androgenic)
  • Female hair loss
  • Hair loss due to burns
  • Scars from accidents and surgeries (such as brain, facelift operation)
  • Regional hair loss due to past infection
  • Congenital regional hair loss
  • Traction alopesisi

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