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What is new in hair transplant?


choosing the right clinic

Choosing the right clinic in Hair Transplant is a difficult and confusing process for many patients. Among many clinics and hospitals, it can be months-long research for patients to decide which to choose when there are so much price and information pollution.

Sometimes, even after checking the experiences of previous patients, looking at the before and after results pictures, going through the clinic’s and the doctor’s information and experiences or even comparing all the prices given from different clinics, some patients cannot make a decision and may still give up on any operation they were looking at.

Research on patients in the clinic/hospital selection shows that the most important factor affecting patient selection is ‘Knowledge’. When the patient is contacted for consultation, is the patient informed? Does the patient inform the appropriateness of the donor area, how many sessions are needed, and what can be experienced before and after the operation? Is the patient’s health condition asked? At this point, the information given by the expert person is the key point. The more confident the patient feels in accordance with the information he/she receives, the higher the rate of choosing the clinic.

According to researches, previous patient experiences, the physical conditions of the clinic/hospital, and the patient’s understanding of what is included in the services are important factors affecting the decision-making process.

Whether hair transplantation will be done by the doctor is another important issue. At this point, the patient still needs to be informed correctly.

First of all Hair transplantation is teamwork. It’s not an operation which by a doctor or surgeon performs alone. After the patient placed under the local anesthesia by anesthesia technician, the graft taking process from the donor area starts. The grafts taken from the donor area can only survive for a few hours in the external environment. Therefore, it is necessary to perform the procedure of channel incision and graft placement with at least two experts. Anesthesia technicians should accompany the patient during the whole process. Therefore, it is more appropriate for at least two or three hair transplantation experts to be involved with each operation.

This is the situation that misleads the patients; Hair Transplantation Clinic or Hospitals promote a Plastic Surgeon who works in a different branch and does not involve in a Hair Transplantation procedure. This is unethical, or misleading at the point of informing the patient. Today, many clinics and hospitals are unfortunately in this situation. A patient who trusts a doctor and decides on a hair transplant procedure meets the doctor only 5 minutes before the procedure and does not see the doctor during the procedure. Since plastic surgery also serves in many different branches, a plastic surgeon in the clinic does not involve in the hair transplantation department always.

As there are plastic surgeons who specialized in different branches, hair transplant specialists have also received medical training, have worked and get experienced for years. The tasks of each expert during operation are evident. Contrary to the plastic surgeons, they perform Hair Transplantation every day, and they have a good grade of experience.

So who should we trust? Symbolic doctor pictures or expert staff? Our advice to you is to look at the experience of the clinic in this field. Examine the pre-op and post-op photos, read the patient comments, and try to get information as much as you can during the consultation. This will give you a great idea of the hair transplantation specialist knowledge and the physical conditions of the clinic/hospital. Find out more about the price comparison and what is included in this service. But please do not make a clinical selection by relying only on a picture of a doctor or at a very cheap price.


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