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What is new in hair transplant?


hair loss solutionWhen searching for a solution to hair loss or what is good for hair loss, it is necessary to first determine the cause of hair loss that you are experiencing. If we can identify the problem correctly, it will be very easy to find the solution. Let’s fix the problem together.

Stress-induced Hair loss and solution

It is a common problem nowadays, and while the solution is simple it is a difficult problem for the majority of us to cope with. When you change your job, when things are not going so well, when material or spiritual troubles are present; perhaps the most affected area of our body is our hair.

The solution for the stress-induced Hair Loss

If we can not remove the stress that causes this loss from our lives, we should pay more attention to nutrition and hair care. If these are insufficient, you can have PRP treatment to reduce or stop hair loss. Click for detailed information about PRP.

Genetic Hair Loss and Solution

80% of hair loss is actually genetic. While people tend to believe that hair loss is inherited from the mother or the father, the truth is that hair loss can be inherited from both mother and father. It is highly likely that you will experience this problem if you have an individual who experienced hair loss in your family.

Genetic Hair Loss Solution

Genetic hair loss cannot be prevented but can be delayed by the PRP treatment. The definitive solution to genetic hair loss is to harvesting the hair from the genetically uninvolved nape region and planting them on loss area. In such cases, it is recommended to wait for the loss process to be completed, then use the transplant method to fix the problem. Click for detailed information about hair transplantation.

Hormone-induced hair loss and solution

Even a small particle of hormones produced in our system has great effects on our bodies. The most effective one of these is testosterone. High releases of Testosterone hormone in men damages hair follicles and causes hair loss. The same effect caused by the DHT hormone, which is secreted in men body and is a more effective hormone than testosterone. Excessive levels of this hormone also cause hair loss.

Hormone-induced Hair Loss Solution

As a solution to this not very common type of hair loss, hormone therapy can be done, also hair transplantation can be performed by transferring hair roots that are not affected by excess of hormones to the required area.

Age-related Hair loss and solution

Hair loss can be experienced at any age. A person may lose their hair from adolescence to their 30’s or even after 40’s. If the hair loss is only related to the age, the shedding speed increases and decreases from time to time. If the shedding is not hormonal, drug-induced, genetic or stress related, it is characterized by age in men.

The solution for the Age-Related Hair Loss

In such cases, PRP and Mesotherapy can be applied together. Once the necessary blood tests are done, these two treatments can be used together or separately at certain times. The necessary information is available on the PRP for hair and Hair Mesotherapy pages.

Drug-induced hair loss and solution

Drugs that are used medically or for the bodybuilding purposes, or others that people use for different reasons may cause their hair loss due to the substances they might contain. Certain drugs in medicine lead to hair loss, while in the other two types of drug use (anti-depressants, hormone drugs, etc…), certainly causes hair loss. While some of them will cause permanent hair loss, some will be temporary, and your hair will recover to its former healthy situation after the drug use is ended. The list of such drugs is as follows:

  • Some Blood Diluents
  • Some paralysis and crisis drugs
  • Gout and Saff medicines
  • Blood pressure equalizers
  • Some anti-inflammatories
  • Treatments that reduce cholesterol and other lipids
  • Mood-altering drugs
  • Chemotherapy
  • Thyroid therapy
  • Birth control pills
  • Diet pills
  • High dose A vitamin
  • Recreational pills and substances

Solution for the Drug-Induced Hair Loss

If your hair is falling out due to these drugs, there is no exact solution other than ending this drug use.

Hair loss and solution for females

Except for testosterone and DHT which it only applies to men, all of the above-mentioned conditions can lead to hair loss in women. Women usually experience hair loss in the pregnancy and childbirth period due to a high amount of hormone changes and consequently deterioration of the balance of the body functions. We can summarize these situations as follows: Obstetric and gynecological conditions such as postnatal, postmenopausal or overcystic conditions. Anemia – Iron deficiency, Thyroid disease, Tissue problems such as lupus, sudden diets, bulimia, protein deficiency, fatty acid and zinc deficiency, impaired absorption, Excess vitamin A, Stress – Surgical procedures, General anaesthesia, emotional problems. In addition, many medicines cause “Telogen Eflivium”, which means discontinued hair growth.

We can summarize these situations as follows:

  • Obstetric and gynecological conditions such as postnatal, postmenopausal or overcystic conditions.
  • Anemia – iron deficiency
  • Thyroid disease
  • Tissue disorders such as lupus
  • Sudden diets, blumia, protein deficiency, fatty acid and zinc deficiency, impaired absorption
  • A lot of vitamin A
  • Stress – surgical procedures
  • General anesthesia
  • Emotional problems
  • In addition, many medicines cause “Telogen Eflivium”, which means that hair growth is stopped.

Solution for the Female Hair Loss

Telogen Eflivium ends when drug treatment is over but can be mistaken for the genetic female type hair loss if the cause of the reaction is not treated properly. As a treatment, hormonal therapy can be used and often it might need support of PRP Therapy. In other cases, such as the results of the blood tests showing the values are low, mesotherapy treatment should be applied.

Variations in Lifestyle Outcome Hair Loss and Solution

Sometimes in certain times of our lives, we can live more unhealthy than we normally do. This unhealthy perception of life is often interpreted as nutrition. However, not only malnutrition but also changes in lifestyle, such as sleep patterns, stressful life, extreme emotions, climate change caused by changing the place of life. This is often temporary, but if the body can not adapt or resist this change, it causes permanent hair loss.

Changes in Lifestyle Outcome Hair Loss Solution

In such cases, if the adverse changes in lifestyle can be eliminated, it should be remedied. If it can not be remedied, it can be prevented only by PRP Therapy.

Vitamin, Mineral and Enzyme deficiency originated Hair Loss And Solution

We know that the only thing that feeds every organ in our body is our blood. The blood carries vitamins, minerals, enzymes and even hormones that are needed by the organs. The materials necessary for the hair are also transported through blood. If it can not synthesize as much as the body needs and carry the necessary ingredients to the hair roots through the blood, the hair roots loses their health and their vitality.

Solution for Vitamin, Mineral and Enzyme Deficiency Originated Hair Loss

If you suspect this might be the reason; Iron, Iron- binding, Ferritin, TSH, T3, T4, Hemogram, Testosterone, Folic Acid, Zinc, LDH and B12 tests must be done and the values should be read correctly, before deciding to have hair transplant operation. These deficiencies can be eliminated with Mesotherapy. In other cases, different treatments may be applied as well as combined treatment methods.

Tests must be done and the values read correctly. These deficiencies can be eliminated with the Mesotherapy treatment. In other cases, different treatments may be applied as well as combined treatment methods.

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