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You have decided to have a hair transplant. So what will your next step be? The clinic selection of hair transplant is extremely important for a procedure that you will have one time in your life. There may be clinics that are not at your desired level as a service in your own country. Even if you find clinics as you desire, they may be very expensive. You may feel unstable and helpless, in this situation. In fact, there is no need to feel that way! Each year, thousands of people from abroad, have a hair transplant in Turkey. The reason is simple: treatments of high quality at affordable prices.


hair transplant turkeyTurkey is in the top of the list among countries which have hair transplant patients from abroad. Approximately 300 hair transplant procedures on daily basis are being performed for patients from abroad or Turkey. Turkey which is in a highly important position about health tourism has been the most preferred country about hair transplant procedure. Clinichair has a significant level of patients from abroad.

Turkey is one of the countries, that offers the most affordable prices about hair transplant. Comparing to countries such as UK or US, Turkey has a price advantage of about 70%. You have the opportunity to have your holiday besides hair transplant procedure in Turkey, with the cost that you pay for hair transplant in UK or US. Another advantage of Turkey is, offering affordable, easy and quality options for health tourism. With the Clinichair’s all-inclusive packages, you have been protected against hidden or surprise costs. You may visit our Patients’ Guide for detailed information about our packages. For free hair analyse please visit Online Consultation page.

Turkey is a bridge between Asia and Europe. Transportation to Turkey which is 4 hours flight away and reaches by a billion people, is easier than other countries that provide hair transplant procedure. Visa procedures are simple, transportation costs are cheap.

Preference of Turkey about hair transplant by many people has led clinics sophisticated about the procedure. Clinichair performs over 1000 hair transplant procedure in every year. With 19 years of experience, we are at your service to make your hair as natural and healthy as it has used to be. We use FUE technique since 2005 which is the most effective and valid technic. For more information about FUE technique, you can visit our FUE Technique page. We provide a comfortable and painless procedure by using the latest technological equipment in hospital hygiene.

We provide accommodation service in Hilton Garden Inn which you can have a comfortable stay by international Hilton quality during your layover in Turkey. You do not need to think about transportation from the airport to the hotel and clinic by our VIP transfer service. We prevent communication problems with our team who are able to speak English, Arabic, French, Italian and German languages. We are eliminating your questions before, during and after the procedure by our translator services.

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