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What is new in hair transplant?


Today, the number of people who have hair transplant especially in our country has increased significantly. However, in addition to this increase, many people who suffer from hair loss and want to have hair transplant, give up on the idea of hair transplant when they learn that their hair needs to be shaved before the operation.

People who do not want others to know that they had the hair transplant operation and fear their social life will suffer from it do not want their hair to be shaved. It is also generally preferred not to due to the aesthetic concerns of the females. This method of hair transplant is also very convenient, with the advantage of having long hair.
At this point, hair transplant without shaving method steps in, allowing the hair to be planted without shaving the patient’s hair.

How it’s done: Hair Transplant without Shaving

Before hair transplantation, patients are asked to grow their hair a little longer. Once the area where the hair follicles are to be taken is determined, healthy and strong follicles are being taken and prepared for planting. Then the roots are planted in the hair loss area. Because the female hair is usually longer, it is shaved in the nape area, namely the donor area to harvest hair follicles for performing the operation. Longer hair in the upper side hides the nape area after the harvest so no scar or shave marks appear to be visible.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hair Transplant without Shaving

  • Donor area heals faster
  • The patient can go back to his/her daily activities and social life faster
  • The duration of this procedure will be longer than the shaved hair transplantation as is requires more time and effort
  • In this operation, the number of roots harvested may not be as much as it is in the shaved operation
  • Takes more time and effort than normal hair transplantation
  • Homogeneity is reduced as the team will not be able to see the donor area well

Who Can Have Hair Transplant without Shaving?

Only a specialist can decide whether or not the people who want this operation are suitable for it, according to their wishes and circumstances. The procedure requires experience and expertise since it will be done without shaving. This is why it is very important to make the right decision in choosing the center and the team that will do the operation.


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