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What is new in hair transplant?



robotic hair transplantWhat is the robotic hair transplant which has become popular in recent days and is revolutionary in terms of hair transplant? Does robotic hair transplant provide better results? What are the good and bad aspects of a robotic hair transplant? Not just you, everybody is curious about the answers to these questions.

Let’s remember what a hair transplant is to understand how a robot can benefit us with the hair transplant operation. When the hair transplant operation is done with FUE method; the problems are is perforated and the healthy hair roots taken from the donor area are transferred into the drilled holes. When this process is carried out, very rigorous and precise hand movements are required for the root removal from the donor area. For the perforating of the hair loss area and for placing the harvested roots into the holes that are freshly opened. Placing the harvested roots into the holes, which are about 0.6 mm in diameter, is a very sensitive procedure.

Let us now imagine that all these operations are done by a robot, which is being used by the person who performs the hair transplant operation. If you are reading this article, we think that you have definitely watched robotic hair transplant videos before. If you have not already done so, you can find relevant videos on Youtube from the link below. Now let’s examine these topics in chapters.

The Speed of the Hair Transplant Robot

The most important thing to mention in the videos is that when the hair transplant operation is done with the help of a robot, it is 2 times slower than the human hand. At first glance, you might think that it is not bad. At best it means that a process that usually lasts about 5-6 hours will last 10-12 hours, which can really turn out to be a quite the torture for the patient being treated. Yet there are those who think that this is something that can be tolerated to have permanent hair for a lifetime.

However, this is not good in terms of a healthy operation. Because the roots harvested for the transplant are kept in a special solution, and when the harvesting is finished, they are being planted into the drilled holes. This means that the roots stay out for about 2-3 hours in a handmade operation. However, when the procedure is done by a robot, this period also doubles and becomes 4-6 hours.

Even the solution which is made to prevent the harvested roots from dying can keep them alive for at most 3-4 hours, and then these roots start to die. Because of that, even after a successful operation, up to 5% of the harvested roots die and even though they are planted perfectly, they will not grow back again. In robotic hair transplant operation, since the time for the roots to be kept in the solution lengthens, the loss rate goes up to 40%. It means, roughly, for each 3000 planted roots, 1200 roots die and will not grow back. For each 3000 planted roots, only 1800 of them will stay healthy and grow back. In other words, the process is basically a process of 1800 roots, not 3000 roots.

Natural Look with Robotic Hair Transplant

If the operation made with a robot is planned with great care and given the right directions, it will be able to achieve natural looking results. This process, however, reaches the same result when done by human hand. In fact, the robot can be coded individually for each 4 cm square, which is used in hair transplant operation. But each root in this square will have the same direction. You will not be able to steer them in a different direction. The directions of the roots within each 4 cm square cannot be different from each other.

In order to provide a natural appearance, the directions of the hair follicles should be transitional in a way that’s fitting the head structure. In this sense, the natural look is up to 85% in the hair transplant operation done by a robot. Even though that is a sufficient ratio, the main goal should be to achieve 100% natural result in a vital process that will be used for a lifetime.

The Price of Robotic Hair Transplant

As you can see on the internet, in the promotional videos or learn from the hair transplant centers or the hospitals, the prices of Robotic Hair Transplant is 2 times the price of a normal hair transplant operation. At this point, removing the human factor from the operation and doing all the work with a robot is turning into an inconvenience, rather than a profit.

Why a robot was invented for the hair transplant operation?

It is a human right to have a hair transplant operation to look good. Everybody wants to make use of their right to do so. However, in some cases, the hair transplant center or the team that will do the operation may choose not to do that. This mostly happens to the people who have infectious diseases. If an infectious disease is found in the blood of the person to be operated, it is quite easy for the team who are doing the operation to get infected by it.

For those who have infectious diseases and wish to have hair transplant operation, this machine is invented in America to reduce the risk of infection. If it is necessary to do the operation, doing it with a machine will be the safest way to do so.


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