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What is new in hair transplant?


unlimitied hair transplantLet’s examine what is the concept of unlimited grafts hair transplantation, which is confronted with the diversity of the technology and methods in hair transplantation.

Is it really possible to say “Unlimited grafts hair transplant” which has been mentioned frequently in recent days and started to face confusion? Or is it just a concept or a deception? I want you to decide at the end of our writing. Let us examine together how much limited or unlimited according to today’s technology in hair transplantation.

What is a graft?

A tissue located in your scalp area, or in another part of your body, is not just this tissue (hair), but the tissue part of the nerve and vein connection that feeds it, to be transferred to another part of your body. This is the name given to the exact part of the graft word in our field, taken together with the depth of each hair follicle. In the case of a graft, 2-4 pieces of hair come with each tissue. In other words, grafts and hair are different from each other, and grafts and hair follicles in a hair transplant procedure are different.

It is also complexity of a concept that comes to mind. At a point you do not notice, a hair transplant center or plastic surgeon will tell you that you will need 3,000 grafts of hair. Another center or surgeon can tell you that you will need 9000 hair pieces. The two numbers in the example are the same. If you think that graft has two to four hair tresses, on average you will have three hair tresses on a graft. So three thousand grafts equal to nine thousand hairpins.

What happens to the graft in the hair transplantation?

Grafts in hair transplantation; are taken from behind the two ears until the back region of the head, we call it the donor region which is genetically proven that hair does not fall. To remove each graft, 0.5 mm diameter cutting micromotors are used. These are just the size of the tipped pencils we use, and are usually steel tips with the same shape, specially made from sterile and sharp material. Each graft is immersed in the hair so that the tips of the grafts that are held on top of them are inserted into these tips and rounded around the hair follicles. And now the graft is ready to be separated from the scalp.

After this phase, each of these grafts are taken from that area and stored in a special solution, to be counted and separated by number of hairs in each follicle. Why are these grafts waiting? According to the number of grafts that can be taken from the donor area, small holes we call “canal” are made in the needed areas to place these grafts. The grafts containing many hair follicles are used for the front region. Even if some of the hair in the area are white and some of them are black, they are only whitened at the time of planting and they are sorted according to their colour so that only blacks are transplanted into the region.

When all this sorting is done, the collection of the grafts is finished and the canals for the grafts are already opened. During all this separation and canal opening, the grafts continue to stay in the solution. There is a serious time difference between a 1000-graft intake and a 3000-graft intake and their sorting. The real question is; How long can the graft survive in this solution?

What happens if unlimited grafting is done?

Hair transplantation also has a “rate of loss” as in any other areas of work. In the world of hair transplant literature, this rate is considered to be no more than 10% in a successful procedure. If you stretch the waiting period of grafts in the solution and not place them at the right time, these roots will die and you will not be able to hold it where you planted it.

In other words, you will only place lifelike grafts in that area. In this sense, today’s technology, tools, robots or solution types have a limit. The maximum limit you can make during this period of time with the robot is between 2000 and 2500 grafts. A single professional can, unfortunately, achieve a maximum of 1500 to 2000 grafts per day without killing the grafts. Because each root is picked up by a professional and a quick person, sorting, waiting in the solution and placement in the opened canals is about 10 seconds. So it would be an operation that can take two thousand grafts in a single person and take 5.5 hours. It is possible to overcome this number of grafts if more than one person is working at the same time. But it also has some physical boundaries.

When grafting is done from the donor area, 2 people can work in a healthy manner in that area, when one person is harvesting the grafts, another person might be able to open the canals. Another 2 persons are sorting the grafts at the same time. In short, words, if there are 4 people in a procedure, a maximum of 2 people will be able to process one person’s head in the head zone comfortably and without interfering with each other, and the other two of the team will support to achieve the most healthy procedure. During extracranial operation, a maximum of 4 people can be found and more will not be used actively.

In a process where four persons actively take part, grafts can be left out for about 4 hours without risking its death or crossover the 10% wastage rate accepted by world health organizations, and an operation that falls in the time limit contains 3000 – 3500 grafts. The total duration of a process in which grafts remain outside for four hours will be about 7 – 8 hours. In other words, it is the maximum number of grafts that can be done in a hair transplantation operation.

Can Hair Transplantation be done by taking Unlimited Grafts?

Yes, you can collect an unlimited number of grafts. You can collect 5000 or even 10000 grafts a day. You can even insert all of these grafts. Unfortunately, it is not possible because there is no technology or human speed that can separate these roots and place them in an open canal without dying. If the total time spent on a graft is 5 seconds (we are talking about extracting, sorting, and opening the canal), 5000 grafts will take 7 hours. Yes, if you have a person with superhuman characteristics or a hair-implanting robot at this speed, unlimited grafting is done. Unfortunately, this is not the case today “Unlimited Grafts Hair Transplantation” cannot be done.

Yes, you can transplant 5000 – 6000 grafts but only 3,000 grafts of 6,000 grafts live if the loss rate is even 50% (which increases rapidly after 4 hours). In other words, the graft is taken from you unnecessarily are useless.

Maximum Density Guaranteed and The Retouch

Yes, you have had a healthy and professional operation and your hair was given only 10% at most of wastage. You gave 350 grafts in a 3500 graft operation. Of course, there is no shrinkage, and your quality and grafts are related to the first degree. You can see this shrinkage as roots that do not come out clearly after 1 year. If you want a treatment that can not be distinguished from your own hair, and if your doctor or clinician promises this, you should fill in the blanks free of charge with a minor operation after 1 year.

In the light of all this, please ask the people and institutions of Unlimited Grafts Hair Plantation well and ask your questions in the light of the above information. Each graft taken from your hair is your graft and there is no return of it. You should use it very well when you are going to use it for a lifetime. You can change a house or a car you bought, but you will not get the hair-planting service you bought again. Because, unfortunately, there is no chance of getting these grafts back again.


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